Dot-art Schools Competition

Dear parents and carers,

“Dot-art Schools” is an interactive, online, inter-school, art competition, taking part on an annual basis and culminating in an exhibition in Liverpool city centre. Open to primary (year 5) and secondary (year 9) schools in the Liverpool City Region. It is designed to nurture talent, raise ambition, and take art out of the classroom and into the real world. Dot-art Schools offers a way of keeping young people engaged with the arts, allows them to see a creative career path, and encourages them to attend exhibitions and engage with culture, outside of school.

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Our Y5 children have produced some outstanding artwork during their Spring 1 topic – Emotion through Art. Three of the pieces have been selected for the final judgement, which takes place soon. You can vote at:

External Link:

Well done to all of the children in year 5 for producing amazing Artwork. Good luck to our three entries – Ruby Sambor, Marcus Chiduwa and Paige Breen

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Sime
Head Teacher

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