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The Internet is a fantastic tool that we use every day for learning and fun. However, it’s super important to use it responsibly and safely, especially when at school.

Check out the links provided here to discover ways to stay safe and have a great time on the Internet, whether you’re at home or in school.

Can you remember the tips for keeping yourself secure online?

If anything online is making you worried or unhappy, there’s advice available on how to report it.

Parents, if you’re looking for guidance on the latest apps, making reports, or setting up parental controls, you’ll find helpful information to ensure your child’s online experience is both enjoyable and secure.

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At St Matthew’s, we are committed to keeping children safe online. In school, we can control, filter and monitor internet usage through supervision and software. We know that at home, an ever-increasing number of children have unsupervised access to the internet, something which naturally increases with age through to adulthood.

Privacy settings are important, knowing/understanding the risks is important and following age guidelines is important. However, according to the NSPCC, talking to your child – openly, and regularly – is the best way to help keep them safe online. We highly recommend reading this document for expert advice.

Visit: NSPCC Social Media [External Link]

Children’s Commissioner – Terms and Conditions in Simplified Language

Download: Facebook Simplified [PDF]

Download: Snapchat Simplified [PDF]

Download: Instagram Simplified [PDF]

Download: YouTube Simplified [PDF]

Download: WhatsApp Simplified [PDF]

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Here are some links to help you report abuse online.

Visit: Reporting Abuse to Social Media [External Link]

Visit: Childnet [External Link]

Visit: BBC Own It [External Link]

Download: DigiDucks Big Decision [eBook]

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