Student Leadership

Head Children and Prefects

In Year 6, children will have the opportunity to apply for the position of ‘Head Children’ or ‘School Prefects’. The pupils are given the opportunity to apply for these roles and will be chosen because they have demonstrated the skills, attitudes and commitment necessary. They will be regarded as positive members of our school community and are held in high esteem by the school community.

The children have important jobs to do in order to ensure smooth day-to-day running and organisation of the day. They hold many important duties and responsibilities and form a team to support the Head teacher. This provides children with invaluable opportunities to enrich their ‘life skills’. Chosen pupils are aware that not following expectations and responsibilities could risk losing their roles.


  • Head Boy/Girl
  • Deputy Head Boy/Girl
  • Prefects

Required skills/attitudes:

  • Consistent high standard of behaviour and conduct, supporting the values from the school mission statement.
  • A high standard of attendance and punctuality.
  • An ability to express themselves and communicate effectively with their peers and adults in the setting.
  • An excellent attitude to learning in the classroom, willingness to participate in activities on a wider context.
  • The ability to work as a team, show initiative and follow instructions.
  • A clear understanding of how all children can contribute to St Matthew’s across all age groups

Roles and Responsibilities for Head Children:

  • To be a role model for other pupils, to wear the school uniform correctly and with pride.
  • To be punctual and well-prepared for their responsibilities.
  • To promote the school mission statement and encourage others of this.
  • To work with the school council and support their activities.
  • Take part in induction of new pupils to the school.
  • Represent the school in the community, with school governors and important visitors.

The position of Head Boy/Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Deputy Head Girl are allocated to children for that academic year. This is awarded on completion of an application and a follow up meeting with year 6 staff and SLT.

Prefects are chosen on a termly basis, the privilege may become compromised if pupils display any unacceptable behaviour throughout their term.

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