Mission Statement

At St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School our Mission Statement is:

“Love, Learn and Shine Together with Jesus.”

Download: Mission Statement [PDF]
Download: Mission Statement Aims [PDF]


  • We will live as Jesus wants us by;
    • showing respect
    • including everyone making everyone welcome showing forgiveness to all
    • caring for each other
    • listening to all.
  • Treat other people how you would like them to treat you.
  • Feel the love of God as you walk around the school.
  • We teach the importance of strong and healthy relationships.
  • We will help those who need it.
  • We work with the parish and local community.
  • We share our achievement with the wider world.

Curriculum Suggestions

  • Jesus will be at the heart of our curriculum through;
  • Having Gospel Values at its core.
  • Our Curriculum will be;
    • fun
    • challenging
    • inclusive
    • exciting
    • show diversity
    • relevant
    • interactive.
  • Our curriculum will offer a variety of opportunities for all
  • Our curriculum will be forward thinking.

Environment Suggestions

  • We strive for our school to;
    • reflect that we follow Jesus.
    • be a happy, safe and healthy place.
    • be a green environment.
    • be a safe environment.

Worship Suggestions

  • Everyday we will follow in Jesus’ footsteps by;
    • being involved in prayer and liturgy
    • listening to the word of Jesus.
    • celebrating as a school.
    • for quality reflection and worship.
  • We work together with the parish to ready children for the sacraments.
  • We would include our parents and the parish in our worship.
  • We will be inclusive of all faiths.

Contact Us

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