What Parents Need to Know About Facebook Messenger (2022)

Please find the National Online Safety guide for ‘What Parents Need to Know About Facebook Messenger‘ below.

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What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a communication app through which users can exchange messages and send photos, stickers, and video and audio files. Messenger allows both one-to-one and group chats, has a ‘stories’ feature and – via its latest addition, Rooms – can host a video call with up to 50 people. As of 2021, the app had 35 million users in the UK alone (more than half the population!) among its 1.3 billion users worldwide. Whereas Messenger is integrated into Facebook on desktops and laptops, it has existed as a standalone app for mobile devices since 2011.

In the guide, you’ll find tips on a number of potential risks such as addiction, strangers and secret conversations.

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