What Parents Need to Know About Social Pressures: Friends & Followers

Please find the National Online Safety guide for ‘What Parents Need to Know About Social Pressures: Friends & Followers‘ below.

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What are Friends & Followers?

The whole concept of social media relies upon users having friends and/or followers. ‘Friends’ tend to be those with whom users will share their own personal profile. It’s usually a mutual relationship with both parties able to engage and interact with everything their friends post online. ‘Followers’ on the other hand can typically be just one-way relationships and, dependent on the platform, only provide access to certain aspects of an individual’s profile, such as a person’s content feed. A common trait that often exists between the two however is the desire to gather as many friends or followers as possible.

In this guide, you’ll find tips on a number of potential risks such as fake friends, friend envy and being followed by strangers.

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